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As of September 1st, 2016 our lesson program will be CLOSED.  Thank you for your interest, but we will not be accepting any new clients.

 Lesson program

  Horseback riding at the ranch is fun and filled with education.  Students progress at their own speed and comfort level. In our program students learn to treat the horses with respect and kindness both on the ground and under saddle. They learn that a balanced seat, soft hands, and a steady leg make for a happy and responsive horse.  We are currently offering lessons to students ages 10+, and adults of any age! 

 We offer a specialized program that is tailored to riders who want to not only expand their riding skills, but every aspect of horse care. 

Pricing Options:

Option 1.) Full time program: A flat rate of $200/ month which will include one lesson per week, as well as a commitment of 4-6 hours of weekly “Barn Time”(see below). Winter update: Between the months of Oct-April students are only required to do 2-3 hours/week.  Leasing of a lesson horse 1-2 additional days per week is HIGHLY recommended.

  • payment for this option is due by the 7th of each month, and is non refundable if you miss any lessons or barn time. Any makeups for rescheduled lessons must be scheduled in the same month.  I will always do my best to be flexible in scheduling lessons/makeups, and I ask that you are as well.  If there is a month where you will be gone quite a bit, then option 2 would be the best choice for that month.

  • Barn Time: Includes more time learning about every aspect of horse care(first aid, grooming, bathing, feeding, etc), basic horse training, rescue horse rehabilitation, and ranch management.  More advanced students will also have the opportunity to mentor younger and/or newer students.

  • Leasing: A lease is basically a "rental" of one of my horses for an hour or so for the rider to practice skills learned in a previous lesson as well as gain confidence riding independantly from our focused instruction time. When signed up for the full time program, leases are $15/day.

Option 2.) Part time Program: 

  •         Single private lesson(1 hour) for $70  
  •         Lease days are $20/day. 
  •         Own your own horse, lessons are $35/hour. (no trailer in fee)
No volunteer or barn time required. This will be the best choice for riders who have quite a bit of vacation time planned over the summer, busy school schedules, or for adults who can’t commit to additional hours due to work.

  • Payment for this option is due at the beginning of each lesson.

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